DemoAnywhere is a web-based application that enables users to experience and interact with virtual mobile devices, over the Internet. Unlike Flash- based or other simulation technologies, DemoAnywhere builds virtual device demos using direct output from the screens and speakers of actual devices.

Built on Keynote’s unique and patented Direct-To-Device® technology, DemoAnywhere employs virtual models created by crawling actual devices to map out virtual replicas of the phones—a technology called Virtual-Device™. A cutting-edge web renderer then delivers a complete phone map via HTML. The result is fully interactive virtual device—available over the Internet.

By clicking on the highlighted area the user is taken through each step of the tutorial. This allows the user to repeat the steps on their own device giving them the education and training they need to operate the feature or functionality of their device.


Fully Interactive Virtual Device Tutorials. Anytime. Anywhere.

DemoAnywhere serves the need for mobile operators to meet consumer demands. Now, you can easily showcase and educate their own teams as well as prospective and existing users about their products. With DemoAnywhere mobile operators can bring the benefit of interactive virtual devices as well as intuitive step by step tutorials from the convenience of their website, retail website or even in-store kiosks.

Inform and instruct. Post a variety of information about your product, from features to tutorials, giving you the option to include step-by-step instructions to perform on the device itself.  

Educate consumers on new products and functions. Build device demos and tutorials to educate consumers online and equip internal customer care and marketing teams.


Cost-effectively train new employees in any location.Train new employees on the latest devices over the Internet, reducing the resources expended to physically train.

Advertise and promote pre-launch devices and applications. Virtualize your latest devices as well as ones that have not yet been released to create buzz about them and their features.  

Quickly add and update content. Update with easy-to-use content editing, publishing and management tools, web-based DemoAnywhere makes editing and updating information fast and efficient.


Easily incorporate into your existing site. Integrate our HTML-based content easily into any external web site and/or internal application.


See DemoAnywhere in action: This is a
real tutorial on an Android device. Click on
the tutorial of interest and follow the steps.



See DemoAnywhere in action: This is a
real tutorial on an iOS device. Click on the
tutorial of interest and follow the steps.



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Contact us today and a Keynote representative will provide you and your team a personal demo of DemoAnywhere and review the pricing.